POWERS: the first meeting in presence in Senegal

During the first week of February 2022, we finally could meet in presence. For the first time, the whole team was involved on POWER’s project for the presencial training in Ziguinchor, Senegal.

We spent 9 days there, all together with a total amount of nearly 30 people coming from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Senegal. Working all together on very important topics such as Human Rights, Social entrepreneurship, Sustainability, SDG’s goals, business plan and strategies…The main aim of this meeting was to get to know each other, exchange knowledge and experiences, learn more about the topics but overall create a network of empowerment and support between all the participants and organizations involved on the project.

During the first day, we spent the time getting to know each other and our backgrounds in order to make the upcoming days easier and adapt as much as possible the training to the real needs and to the participants involved in it. 

On the following days we spent our days bounding together, learning together.

Within the TC, We had the great opportunity of visiting, talking and spent the day with the founders of Espace de Capacitation et d’Accompagnement des Femmes(ECAF), Plateforme des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance (PFPC) and Koolimaaroo, who very kindly and welcoming explain to us their labor and the path they followed to become the big and powerful entities that are nowadays, in charge of women victims of violence.

Also as the days went by, we all shared our project ideas and collaborated together to find the best way to be a successful entrepreneur with a huge focus on social entrepreneurship.

By the end of the week we had already fulfilled our expectations, worked together, created a very solid network and of course enjoyed our free time, knowing the local reality.

Now we highly recommend you to stay tuned if you want to know the following steps on this project, the ones that we started to plan already in Senegal, which are the job shadowing and local activities. 

See you soon in our next posts 🙂

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