Participants to the project met in Arenas de San Pedro, hosted by AJS for the evaluation meeting of the project POWERS from 26th to 30th September 2022. 

Participants met together in Spain after 8 months during which they were involved in different activities both of job shadowing and local initiatives.

The meeting was exactly the right occasion to share the experiences done, and to exchange opinions and feedbacks, also reflecting on the difficulties encountered during the entire path.

Presentation of the local activities, job shadowing, feedbacks exchanged, and the main tips emerged, will be part of the final product of the project: the POWERS toolkit which aims to be the guidelines of practical advices and activities prepared by partners and participants during the project POWERS according to their experiences. The toolkit will be presented in November during the final meeting which will be held in Rome.

The meeting finishes with a very emotional moments in which participants together remembered the entire path followed, the highlights and the difficulties, ending with a collective hugs to say good bye and good luck.

Stay tune to see the results of the project

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